Monthly Archives: December 2013



As my daughter watches “Little Rascals” for the 6th time in 2 weeks and my son naps, (prayerfully for longer than 12 minutes) I find myself in a state of overwhelmed disorganization. It appears that nothing in my life is organized in any fashion. And much to my exasperation, I have no idea how to go about reversing that. It is not a strongpoint of mine, perhaps anyone’s, to organize from the inside of chaos. Put me in my mom’s house and I can whip it into shape, i.e. “Why don’t you put the spatulas in that drawer instead of that one?” I see it so clearly as to how I can help someone else…when looking from the outside.

Since having kids I feel as if I’m in a constant state of disbelief and discombobulation. (Note: I’m not sure if that’s a word, but I don’t plan on checking. I have enough to do. Haven’t you been paying attention?) It is stressful to slip across the floor on your daughter’s “lovie-bear” as you search for your keys as they are not in the same place…ever. Suddenly, the dirty dishes in the sink spark the idea that your keys are in your other coat; you know the one with the print that reminds you of a dishcloth? By the time you get to the coat, you remember that your other coat needs to be drycleaned. Yet another to-do list item that’s not “to-done.”

It’s overwhelming to try and fix everything at once! I’m so thankful that God doesn’t make us fix everything at once! And not only does he not make YOU fix it all at one time, but He doesn’t make anyone else either. We’re all on a journey. This season especially, don’t judge someone else because they’re in a different part of the journey than you are. It’s easy for us to become self-righteous because of where we are, but let’s not forget where God brought us from. Christmas blessings to each of you!! Now…where did I put my Christmas ornaments?