Monthly Archives: December 2014

Dingin’ Dinger


So the radio in our truck died. After telling my brother, he says, “Who listens to the radio anymore??” I raise a hand, wondering if anyone did indeed listen to the radio anymore. I can’t imagine life without the radio. Christian radio builds me up. The songs have Jesus’ words in there and I can’t get enough of ’em. Some days, they keep me from going off the proverbial edge. And I don’t want to choose every song I listen to like you do with an iPod. I want someone else to give me some variety in my life…it’s spicy I hear. Nonetheless, this epiphany doesn’t change the frown-causing fact that my radio is broken.
Since this dreadful day, I have found myself, not only creating new songs, but utilizing beats that “naturally” occur within the vehicle. For instance, I am guilty of failing to get my seatbelt on within the allotted amount of time before the “dinger” starts “dinging.” I do this simply so I can hear it, whereby getting a good beat going. I have always wondered why some people enjoy songs where the same thing is sang repeatedly and I think I now get it. It’s so I can get it! (A multiple-epiphany day! Hooray!) When we repeat things over and over in our heads, (i.e. “meditate”–don’t be scared of that word. It doesn’t require yoga pants. Although I find these to be a refreshing addition.)
God said He wanted to hear a new song and I’m taking Him at His Word. I have been virtually forced to entertain myself (did I mention the Bluetooth is on the fritz too? sigh…) and have sang myself giggly and joyful. God has to be laughin'(at me or with me, I’m not sure) as I come up with my own lyrics to some old favorites. It has also never been so obvious that I don’t know as many lyrics as I thought. “I’ve got the wonder-washing precious blood of Jesus, down in my heart…” I’m thoroughly convinced that is NOT how that one from Bible school went. Or try a nice marching beat, sometimes provided by the bumps in the road: “Jesus loves me, yes He does, Jesus loves me, just because.”
Anyway, turn off the radio (or iPod, or CD, or whatever) check in with your Creator, put a new song in your heart, and make up some lyrics today. I pray you’re blessed with giggles and a case of the sillies.