Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mashin’ Mustard Seeds


You don’t operate as an unbeliever. You are a believer. Just as you aren’t a car just because you’re standing in a garage, a car isn’t something else when it’s NOT in the garage. You are a believer and this means that you operate in faith. Yeah, your faith has been knocked down, drug out, kicked in the kneecaps, but it’s still there. Romans 12:3 says that we think in accordance with the measure of faith God has given us. Lemme tell ya, when God delivers you and pulls you up outta bed and off that couch, you’ve got some faith. It’s what you DO with it that constantly redefines your character and who you are in the body of Christ. You’ve got that faith that moves mountains, the faith that stomps mustard seeds and makes mustard. (I’m not sure, by the way, how to make mustard, but I imagine you have to mash the seeds.) Your faith may be lacking at times, but that doesn’t make you any less of a believer. That’s when you rely on others to pray for and with you; that’s when you read God’s promises and believe them with your life; that’s when you cast all your cares on Him regardless of how many times it takes; but that’s NOT when you lie down and give up! WE ARE NOT FINISHED.

Our thoughts have gotta be lined up with God. In order to do that, you’ve gotta keep your nose in His book and read what He’s got to say ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it. The enemy chips away at us one lie at a time. If he’s got that kind of patience, I think we better sure as Hades strive to work just as diligently as he is. I never thought I’d take lessons from the enemy on much, but you have to admit he’s good at what he does. Remember: We’re not of this world, we’ve been changed. You can’t change your mind in the middle and decide to be a “World-ian” or a “World-avite.” God’s changed you. You cannot quit the race before you. The devil will not win. He can’t. That’s one thing he’s NOT good at. Not when it comes to children of God.

My Friend Flick…God


Just got back from a Women’s Conference and boy, lemme tell ya, God was there!! It was exciting and interesting and nurturing and….EXHAUSTING! I’ve found that with CFS, it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get, or how good of sleep you get, you can only prepare so much. The frustration is always there, lurking beneath the surface, waiting for that “perfect” moment to rise up like a Black Beauty or Flicka, pre-training days. If I don’t conscientiously take (MAKE) the time to spend with God, my days quickly become overwhelming. They are too much for me to handle. Thank God for God! He knows this.

I have found that if I continue to look to Him, even for small things (*I prayed re: a pickle jar a couple nights ago.) that eventually it becomes a habit. Then, not only do we get the help we need, but we also get closer and closer with the Maker of  Heaven and Earth! Dude! (Sometimes when life gets tough, just pretend, if only for a couple seconds that you’re a stereotypical surfer…maybe it’s just me.) Isn’t that mind-blowing? God equips us to handle situations and setbacks THROUGH Him. As long as we have God on our side, we’re going THROUGH. Through the temptations, through the sicknesses, through the frustrating days, through the I’m-so-mad-I-could-spit-days, through the I’ve-got-so-many-things-to-do-days; He’ll carry us THROUGH. If you know you’re on the winning side, doesn’t that make it easier to deal? A lot of times, I know what or whose side I’m on, I just forget and need to be reminded. Thank God He’s faithful even when we’re not!

Phillipians 4:13 says that we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. My focus before had always been o nthe ALL in the sentence. Over the past  couple days, I have been made aware of the idea that it has to be through Him or we’re it’s like we’re ridin’ a carousel at the mall. We’re busy, but getting nowhere.