Monthly Archives: November 2010

Clearing a Pathway


What if I gave away everything? What if I took all the books I don’t read, the cards I don’t send, the clothes I don’t wear but think I will one day and gave them to someone who would? I feel a strange stirring in my spirit as I write this and I feel as though I not only have too much, but I don’t use half of what I’ve got. What if I gave it all away? Even on the off chance that I would need it later, I am blessed enough to be able to buy it! What an odd place to be—what a greedy place to be. Even if I did give it all away, I would be able to get it back if I wanted to. I don’t think that this is the reason God blesses us: so that we can flaunt what we have or can get. I’m getting ready to go through my stuff with a new perspective, asking “Do I use it? Would it make me happier to see someone else use it? Can I live without it?” I’m guessing the answers are not going to be that surprising. I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t or can’t hear God’s call because stuff is blocking the channels. I’m off to clear a path.

Polishin’ Shiny Things


Kay Arthur states that “what people believe determines how they ‘walk.'” This is taken from her Bible Study “How Do You Walk the Walk You Talk?”
Based on Ephesians 1 and 2, I’ve learned that we are chosen, blessed, and adopted into His family. We are saved due to grace, or ‘unmerited favor,’ not because of anything we personally have done. We can’t “volunteer” our way into the family. The Bible says we are raised up with Christ and not after we become perfect and flawless. We are made alive again when we still suck. Forgive my crassness if you need to. For so long, I thought, “I can’t do that! Have you heard the words that come out of my mouth sometimes??” or “You want me to go to church? Do you know where I was last night??” It always seemed a bit, to use an unbeliever’s favorite word, “hypocritical.” But that’s the way God designed it—to pull us up out of whatever crap we’re in and show what He, and only He, can do! He’s capable of anything, and He doesn’t waste His time polishing things that already shine!