Monthly Archives: December 2010

My Special Specialist


As I sit here, my body hurts, my head aches, I am too tired to function, yet yesterday, I stood at the desk of another specialist. A special specialist. One that I believe I prayed to find. One I traveled hours to see. I refuse to give up hope and faith that this is the intervention I spoke to God, the one, the only about. The receptionists are friendly, even remembering my name after the initial meeting. The doctor is knowledgeable and informative, with answers and everything! A virus. In my brain. That’s what he believes this is. Well, THERE’S one I hadn’t thought of. I’m sure that some thought it was indeed “all in my head,” but I didn’t figure this was the way they meant it.
At first, I felt panic. Then within the same 1/2 minute, I felt an “Ahhhh…” moment. I felt as though this could actually be and make sense with regard to my symptoms and more importantly why the symptoms were not going away. The doctor couldn’t speak fast enough concerning the next step. I’m not certain what he said for a good minute after his life-changing opinion, but I know supplements are involved. His idea is to build the body up, boost the immune system (you know, the one I tore down after a decade of drinking and smoking, yeah, that one) so that I am able to fight against this infection. Honestly, the idea exhausts me right now. I feel much like a deflated exercise ball. Tomorrow will be a new day. I will fight tomorrow. Tonight, I rest in the knowledge that God’s got a plan and He’s in control.