Monthly Archives: January 2016

Green God


So it occurred to me that nothing can get me off track this time. I’ve always said to myself “I got off track” or “I just don’t feel like I’m on the path I’m supposed to be on.” This time is different. This time there’s no way, no scheme, no lie the enemy can use to take me off God’s path because whatever the enemy throws at me, God uses it. He uses it along my path, possibly to pave the way for others to walk with me, I’m not sure. Maybe that’s another article, but He uses whatever I go through along my path. Why? Because it’s mine. God wastes nothing…every single thing we have ever been through will change lives if only we will let Him. Everything. The thing that happened that you didn’t think you could utter to another soul or the hurt you felt for years, something you buried or thought you buried… God was green before everybody else was. ( I just made myself crack up. Of course He was. He was everything before anybody else was anything.) My point is God recycles what we’ve been through to help others. So stop being afraid to share the good news because the good news comes in all kinds of stories. It comes through our trials and sicknesses and the events you never thought you would have to experience. There is good news because God’s not finished with you or anyone else. God will use you if you just let him.