Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Miracle of New Life


God is so cool! I woke up and decided that this was the day that He had made. I will rejoice (which I think means to do a happy dance more than once a day–when’s the last time you did a happy dance?) and be glad! Glad that I’m alive! Glad that I’m breathing! And even more glad that there’s NEW LIFE breathing inside of me!! God has blessed us with another child, our second, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! I adored being pregnant the first time and I think the second time is even more fun…aside from the typical bouts with some “morning” sickness. That’s just a lie from the pits of hell and any gorgeously pregnant woman in her first trimester knows this stubborn illlness is not just for the first part of the day! (God bless the ones who struggle with it for the entire pregnancy—my prayers are with you!) NEW LIFE. Our lives are made new by the Most Holy of Holies Himself and He blesses us with miracles even though we may not deserve them. God is SO COOL! Our lives are a constant lesson in trust…trusting Him with our hearts and our heads, allowing Him to guide us because not only does He have the plan, but He has the very best plan! My prayers today are with those aforementioned of course, but also with those on the fence regarding their baby. Babies are a gift from God. God bless you and guide you as you make decisions about the miracle growing within you.

Jesus Here on Earth


Upon waking this morning, a thought came to me: Would I recognize Jesus if He were around me? If I were able to talk to Him? Would I know where to look for Him?
As those who’ve been forgiven and redeemed, we should know the One who did that for us well enough to order for Him at a local diner! Jesus saves people from cryin’ in their beers to those who snort their breakfast, to those who are dealing with emotional trauma of yesteryear whom we deem unforgiveable. (Think “death row.”) There is no limit to Jesus’ power, mercy, and grace…except what we place on Him.
I’m not sure that I’d find Jesus sitting on the first row in the first service. He reaches out to those who feel like they are down to their last shred of dignity or their last meal. I see Him sitting with a widow, who’s buried her third wonderfully precious husband, praying for the strength to go on one more day. He encourages the little boy who’s been called names because the words on the pages don’t seem to make sense to him. Jesus would envelope a soldier who misses his family so dearly that he thinks about turning the gun on himself rather than the enemy in a distant land. He would be the One giving grocery money to that new single mom who was just told she lost her job at the gas station.
See, we should recognize Jesus not just because of what He’s done for us or even for Who He is, but because we are Him! We are the ones showing Jesus’ love each and every day. The teenager helping an elderly woman unload her groceries for the week, the teacher helping a reluctant child realize he’s not “stupid” because he struggles with dyslexia. We, as His followers, act as His body, hands, and feet. We are Jesus here on earth. He chooses to work through us. It’s about more than just love, it’s about the freedom from chains, drugs, alcohol, mindsets, He gives to those who simply request it.