Monthly Archives: June 2010

Our Mission after the Mission Trip


How do you take the compassion you felt and turn it into a message to relay to people who weren’t there? For the people who didn’t get to go…for those who are scared, physically unable, financially incapable…what are we supposed to say? How is it that we can convey that we saw the power of God Himself…not felt a chill, not prayed a prayer then knew an answer, FELT, HEARD, SAW, TASTED, BECAME ENVELOPED IN the POWER OF GOD. He was not only there, but He inhabited the praises of His people just like He said He would. He loved His people just like He said He was going to. He healed them, just like He used to, in the olden days! He showed His abilities after we asked, JUST like His Word said!!! How exciting!! How do we convey THAT message to anyone who didn’t experience it? To those who believe? To those who don’t believe? I think it’s equally difficult, no matter what group you’re speaking to.

I saw people healed of deafness, bad shoulders, bum knees, blindness, addictions…People who weren’t sure of where they were supposed to go, what they should do, how they should pray, who they should turn to…Answers were given; but only after we asked for them. Some like to be in that valley. After all, what would we do without our drama? We sought God’s face and His healing hand. And the rest of the story is WE FOUND IT. He showed up!!!! How do you come down from a high like that? The truth? Easily. It’s so easy to come back to the humdrum…the laundry, the dishes, pass by the man on the street begging for a dollar, the woman with car trouble. I find myself continually reminding myself to ask God to show His face again. After you’ve experienced that once, it’s a new addiction. You want more. I truly believe that’s part of God’s amazing plan—to show people what He can truly do…to revive them, to revive the fire, to fan the flames so that they reach not only the person next to you, but spread from anyone who speaks to you, then to each and every person who speaks to them, a chain of fire!

1 Chronicles 16:9—Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him, talk ye of all His wondrous works.