Monthly Archives: June 2011

Help Me to Not Understand


God has really been working with me on understanding that I don’t have to understand. This has been a very long quest as there is a constant stream of ugly events to not try to understand. There are “untimely” deaths, very ill children who are looking death in the face, tornados, hurricanes, floods, murders, accidents, politicians doing crazy things. Watch the news for the first five minutes and you might question where God is in all of this and what is going on in this world? Why does He let it happen? What are we doing wrong as believers? Are we being punished? Why aren’t we protected from it all? (You may not be wondering these things, but I’m just gonna be straight-up, honest-to-God here and say I have personally struggled a lot with these questions.)
As I lay (lie, lain? Sorry Mrs. Green…) in bed last night, it came to me plain as the spot on my ceiling: that it’s simply not my job to understand. You work at your job. When I worked in the factory, a common response was “That’s not my job.” There could have been an oil spill on the working floor and operators would walk away, quoting this. That’s the attitude we need to have: “That’s not my job.” Finally, a positive spin on this statement! I’ve been working at a job that is not mine. It’s the Almighty’s. At long last! A job I don’t have to put on my To-Do-Yesterday list! Understanding is not my job at all. MY job is to simply believe that God knows what He’s doing and have faith that it is well. No matter what’s thrown at us, weather, death, illness, we simply stand. Knowing that God is in control. We stand in complete comprehension that He’s got our backs and I’m convinced that He knows it sucks, but He also knows we’ll make it through. We don’t have to get it, we just have to know the One that does.