Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t Stop Boldly Believin’


David’s audacity in Psalm 26 just astounds me. “I have led a blameless life.” Really? Can any of us say that? I know there have been times when I whined and said, “Why me, God? I haven’t done anything wrong!” All the while in the back of my head, I’m thinking, “Oh yeah, there was that…” But a preacher on one of the Christian channels the other day said something to the effect of, noone in the Bible ever came to God “piously” with his hands folded and head bowed. We’re forgiven. We’re forgiven up one side and down the other. Thank God that He blesses our attempts, but also that He patiently waits for us to attempt! As I sat pondering this, it shook somethin’ up in me like a can of Mountain Dew riding in the passenger seat with Mario Andretti back in the day! WE have to be BOLD and with this new year we have to enter into it knowing full well Who we serve. We, as believers can’t be limited by our thinking, we have to adopt God’s way of thinking. Do you truly believe God is sitting there wondering how all this is gonna work out? How that bill will get paid, what will happen if the treatment doesn’t work, our brother’s job status? What if we entered into His presence knowing what He knows? Believing what He told us to believe? We are believers after all, right? What if we BOLDLY showed ourselves that we can do ALL things because we have Him on our side?
For me, a lot of this boils down to what people think. What would someone think if I asked to pray for them right there in the checkout line? He says we’ll have what we ask for in His name. Period. That may or may not mean that person in the wheelchair is going to get up and walk out of Huck’s because you prayed for him, but what if he did?! What if we get to heaven and that man comes strolling, or running, up to us thanking us for that day and our boldness? This year I wanna live for the after-effects in heaven, not the natural effects here on earth. We aren’t here long enough to worry about what other people think. Jesus is our model and He surely didn’t.

I Look Great Today!


“You look great!” These three little words came out of the doctor’s mouth today as I sat smiling. Looking back on the past month, things in general have been great. Awe-inspiringly, God is friggin-amazingly, unbelievably GREAT! I began the supplements, which consist of no less than 27 per day, at various intervals. In the morning, with my tea (Lord help me, I’m trying to cut back on coffee) after I eat lunch, and 30 minutes prior to beddy bye. And it appears to all be worth it, as just one person noticed that I do not look as though I have slept for 2 hours in the past week then walked 7 miles in the rain, sleet and snow, when in reality, I had slept for 10 hours and taken a shower that morning, thus causing the “fatigued” appearance.

Write Again


Well, here it goes…I feel as though God wants me to write. Each time I pray about it, all I hear is write for now…right now. Gotta love God. He’ll never let you down if you look for answers in Him. Since my last entry I have become a mother. Whew. What can you say about motherhood? More than I have the energy to type to be quite honest. It’s so stressful and anxiety-laden at times. I’ve truly worked at not being nervous and yet if she coughs more than twice, i’m afraid she’s gonna explode a lung or something. Where does that come from?? Within 3 months of mothering, I completely understand a lifetime of worries my mama had! “Wear a coat, make sure you wear a hat, don’t run, you’ll break a toe!” Is that last one a common statement? It was in my house due to a pinky toe injury my father sustained. I want to be the best mom ever, yet not one that has to be perfect. I’m trying to roll with the punches, but feel like I’m takin’ em in every part of my anatomy. (Don’t even get me started on breastfeeding…simple and convenient my left cheek!) I treasure the time I have with her and love to look into her eyes as she looks up at mine. It’s true love all over again. It’s immeasurably more than anything I could’ve asked for and hoped for. I love that she holds my finger while she eats now and smiles at me in the mornings. I love that I no longer need to set an alarm as she is my alarm…whether she cries, hiccups, burps or farts. She is my everything and in such a short time! How does this happen? God had it all figured out and timed perfectly!A minute earlier and I wouldn’t have been ready. A minute later and I would’ve felt as though He were running late. I sit here in awe that He always knows just what I’m needing and when. As for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, well, that is just another brick on the road of life I stepped on to get to where I am. I believe I am healed. That doesn’t mean I don’ t have symptoms sometimes and that’s one of the most difficult things for me to accept. I still plan to run the good race as well as a 5K. I hope to do this very soon, possibly with a kid strapped to my back.