Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Next 8,760


I’ve talked to a lot of people (it’s an aspect of my job as a speech pathologist and the fact that I’m my mother and father’s daughter) in the past few days who are neither impressed with this past year, nor looking forward to the coming year. “Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be better” said with a sarcastic tone and a sneer or “I’ve had a rough year” are among the statements made. If you hold onto the mindset that led you to believe this year can’t be better, then you’re already defeated. And the next 8,760 hours will, in fact, be more of the same.

I understand that there are tough times, I’ve had ’em myself, but those times don’t add up to a “bad year.” That year is made up of moments and I can’t convince myself that every moment was wholly horrible. My dad would say something along the lines of it’s time for a change “when the good outweighs the bad.” Does the bad of the past 365 days outweigh the good? And if you respond with a “Yes” to this, then I’d be willing to bet it’s your attitude and perception that needs the change, not the actual occurrences. The Creator of the universe has a plan for your life this year and always. Renew your mind. Think on the good. Notice goodness. And embrace the moments that are presented specifically to you by God Himself. “Prayer” is simply talking to Him about the moments. Simple? Yes. I could use more “simple” in my life this year.