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The Pressed Family


4 guys walk up to a challenge, you know the ones that seem way too big for you to handle. The first man everyone called O. He says, “Oh my! I can’t do that!! I’ve been down for so long!! I’m way too tired for this…” The next one, Re, mumbles something as he retreats to his hiding place so that he doesn’t have to put up with anyone squashing his ideas. The third guy, De, mutters, “What’s the point? Who cares? I certainly have nothing to give!” And the fourth and final guy, Im, charges up, faces the challenge head on. Standing stonefaced, he’s seen what God can do! He stands amazed that God chooses folks like him to fight for Him!

Well, maybe you’ve figured it out already, the four guys represent four emotions or mindsets. “O” is an oppressed guy. He looks at challenges with an already defeated attitude as that’s what’s happened in the past. Everything holds him down. “Re” does the same thing he’s always done as he always looks inward, repressing any feeling he can identify, then backing down and retreating. “De” doesn’t care anymore. He hasn’t felt like himself in years and can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel without picturing it being attached to a locomotive. And then, picture superhero in a cape here, we have “Im”! He’s charged up ready to go as he’s impressed with the miracles and wonders of a God greater than anything, ANYTHING, he’s ever faced or is going to face! He’s spent his time in the Word, rehearsing the stories like David and Goliath for instance, over and over in His head. He’s not filled with doubt, thoughts from the enemy of our souls, and prepared for the fight that will inevitably come. (Anybody of you believers out there still believe that Christians have it easier than unbelievers? I hear a parade of testimonies a’ comin’!)

It’s become ever-apparent to me that the closer we get to God, the better off we are. NOT the less challenges we have, but the better able we are to face them. Think back on the things God has brought you through and make a vow to yourself and to the Creator to stomp down distractions this week and quiet yourself to hear His voice. God bless each of you as you begin a new week as a new creation!



Our journey. Thank God for our journeys. It is our very own, yet we are to share it with everyone we meet. (I’m not talkin’ about the detailed accounts of your personal any-kinda–oscopy stories either. Nobody wants to hear that.) God gives us the ability to choose how we embark on our journey, whether we go kickin’ and screamin’ or kicked back, trusting that He’s got it under control. There is no better way to learn to trust the Creator than to just jump in with both feet. (you know the ones that are most likely kicking?) “This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go. I was supposed to be there, not here!” “This wasn’t the plan!” Or was it? Say what you like, but even as adults I can see some with pigtails, ribbons, and pouts. Or kickin’ a muddy hiking boot in the dirt while juttin’ that bottom lip out. (Thank God a birdie never DID come and poop on my lip like my Grandpa would tell me…)
People in ERs all over the country are sayin’ these things. The young mom sitting next to her baby boy in the NICU wonders why and how. The young couple who just tied the knot and lost their jobs. The 40-year old diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. The 60-year old trying to make it until retirement and gets sick. The 90 year old husband checking his wife into the nursing facility because he can no longer take care of her after 65 years together. Journeys. We’ve got to believe as true believers would. That God is in control. He is the saver of our souls and no matter what happens on this earth, that remains the truth and the truth still remains. Trust, peace, joy, love. These are our destiny. These are our promises from the Creator Himself. Romans 8:28 states that whatever happens, He’ll make it good. He’ll use it, He’ll use you, to guide someone else on their journey. No matter what questions you may have tonight regarding your circumstances, trust that God loves you more than you’ll ever know and that His leading is what will see you through. We do not go through trials just because it’s something to do while we’re here. We live, we learn and we help others to do the same. I pray God blesses each of you while on your journey, for it is yours and yours to share.

Choose What You Choose to Believe


God woke me up…for those of you who have never experienced this, it’s one of the coolest “happenings” ever. I don’t doubt for a second that it was God, but maybe some of you do. (“Some of you” being the bazillions that are reading this at a future date) and to this, I say, “Eh,” complete with a cartoon-like shoulder shrug.

I have enough questions in my own head, as I’m a human being too, about God. I don’t have time to figure it all out for someone else. You plant seeds, you reap the harvest. God has blessed me with precious energy and I don’t want to waste it. We get to choose what we choose to believe. So, if you’re on the fence about God, quit hem-hawin’ around (thanks Grandpa.) and figure it out for yourself! Ask God to become real in your life. When He does, then you’ll know the truth. Stop evaluating. Stop negotiating. Stop being scared of the word “sacrifice.” Stop short-changing yourself in this lifetime. This is the one chance we get to live this life as a sacrifice to God. You don’t just die. You don’t just stop breathing. It’s not over after this. Period. The End. What a horrible way to look at life. No wonder so many people are so depressed. God is love. God offers hope. Take a look around. Everyone needs hope. Everyone needs God.
I pray for each those who are choosing to come back to God today. Let Him restore hope, joy, love, peace, and a future for you. Accept that He loves you and will never quit.



God knows JUST what people need. We don’t’ have to know—we just have to be his, well, mouth!!!!! I’ve heard we are to be His hands and feet, but I prefer mouth as I am all about speaking. God simply needs someone willing to say what He wants His kids to hear! I recently spoke with a man, we’ll call him Dale, because that’s his name. Just kiddin’, or am I? (God restored joy in my life a while back so sometimes you have to keep up with the silly. I may even get to a point or 5.)

Dale says he’s never going to church. Dale was raised in church, even been around some “tongue-talkers” in his day, who, by the way, scared the life out of him as a young lad. Dale got sick and exhausted (I have eliminated the word “tired” from my vocabulary…explanation in a future article.) of people talkin’ nice, smilin’, shakin’ hands and “Bless you brother”-brothers and “Oh, dear Lord, be with her”-sisters every Sunday morning. (*Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with people who make these statements genuinely.) By Tuesday…let’s be real, by Sunday morning on the way home, these people aren’t utterin’ any blessings. See, even as a kid, people know when God isn’t real in someone’s life. The “brothers” and “sisters” acted one way on Sundays, like a close-knit family, then when one needed help, real help, whoooooosh!!…tumbleweeds. Dale didn’t see anyone livin’ it out.

Soooo, fast forward a few, maybe 40-50 years, and here sits Dale, knowing God’s real, but not seein’ enough of Him in real people. He’d rather sit out in the woods on a Sunday morning than be surrounded by people who preach and don’t practice. Church=hypocrites. True? Untrue?

Dale wants to know what heaven’s gonna be like and all the things Jesus did. He wants to walk hand in hand with our Savior but doesn’t know how to get there. He wants to keep living, or really start living, but doesn’t know how. Where does he go? Can he, could he, go to your church? Or would he find people that turn their heads, acting like they see someone they know, or maybe really seeing someone they know, over in the other corner? If he set foot in your church this Sunday, would he feel God’s love or would he sigh and do an eye roll, taking another spiritual kick to the ribs?
Are you like Dale? If so, give it one more shot. I dare you. God’s got something so amazingly cool in store for you if you will just put your heart on the line one more time. You won’t regret it. I promise. You don’t have to do anything…just let God/Holy Spirit lead you. Pray a prayer that goes something like this one: God, I don’t know what I’m doing, but You do. Forgive me. Lead me to a church that believes in you and teaches what you want me to learn. Show me how real You are. I wanna know You and have an awesome relationship with You, not religion. In Jesus name I ask, Amen. (In Jesus name article coming soon!)

An open heart is what it takes. Put it out there just one more time and God’s gonna show you all the repairs He can do as well as the restoration of your peace (ahhhh…) and joy (Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) and love (maybe even the “hippie-dippie kind.)
Have an awesomely blessed day!!!