Monthly Archives: April 2012

Kill Your TV (Or Just Unplug It For Awhile)


. I’m thinking about killing my TV…I’m not sure where this expression came from, but I do know that it makes sense to me now more than ever before. A new documentary on women and their shoes, expert chefs fighting over food-related diseases, DWTS taking up 4 hours + of viewers’ time weekly. The show is on twice, Mon. (2 hours) and Tues (2 hours), then the discussion requires a lot more time than that on every talk show ever created. How could we possibly care THAT much about celebrities learning a new skill? Why must we voice our opinion in every venue humanly possible? No one cares about your opinion that much. I for one, do not care. It does not matter to me in any stretch of the imagination. I do not care what Alec Baldwin tweeted after he got in trouble for using a cell phone, I do not care how many pairs of shoes a woman in NY has, I do not care why Anthony Bourdain is upset this time, I do not, will not, have not cared. I do not care anywhere. It is dumb, it makes me numb, I do not, will not, have not cared. (Dr. Seuss moment) Are we that desperate to escape the pressures of life that we stare at anything put in front of us? Go outside, read a book, a REAL one—with pages that you turn, breathe in some air not inside your home, take a walk, ride a bike—a REAL one that takes you somewhere, take a class, learn something other than what color Katy Perry dyed her hair yesterday. DO something with the life God gave you. You were created for a purpose and He has a plan for you. Don’t squash it by gazing into the eyes of talk show hosts numerous hours a day, wondering where your precious time went.