Monthly Archives: August 2015

Setting the Scene


The scene: Me, diligently and ever-so-patiently, trying to do my Bible study this morning. (Keep in mind had I gotten up early like I’d told God I was going to start doing this week, I would have had peace and brilliant silence.)

I had succeeded in diverting the attention of one toddler with VeggieTales Celery Night Fever (great music with catchy music that I never need to listen to again) and the other was coloring a picture of a butterfly floating above the letter “B” (educational and crafty=Parent Success!) I tried my best to focus after the dreaded FaceBook battle, you know the one. “I need to get off here. I’m supposed to be ___________.” Fill in the blank with any number of chores, quality-time tasks, or spiritual activities.

So I finally got a couple devotional books and my trusty Bible open just before my daughter “interrupted” with incessant questions regarding which colors to use.

“Mommy, what color do you like? What color should I use on the wings? I already used that one. What color now?”

It got me to thinking that we get to check in with God to see what color our world is, for one. He reminds us that our lives are to be filled with the color of pure joy. So much depends on our outlook, our moods, and our motivations. The great news today is that we get to pick all 3 of these! We get to choose the colors we use in our day! It’s our picture; we make it what we want after checking in with our Creator to see what color He likes!

What a bright, sunshiney-yellow-kinda day!

P & J


Have you ever had one of those days when you just can’t override your emotions? And just when you think you’re coming out of your funk you realize your 2 year old has not only pooped “all by himself” (Yay! *sigh…) and decided to wipe with ½ a roll of toilet paper, which has found itself into the toilet. Many days, I feel like I’m not gonna make it. Simple as that. My body tells me just that. My muscles give out, my head starts to ache and spin, and it becomes more difficult to breathe.

The great thing is I have a God that reminds me He’s right there. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that may sound trite or cliché. And quite frankly, on a day when your child states, “But Mommy, I don’t have any underwear!” as you’re getting out of the car at school, this knowledge can only be so comforting. I don’t have time at this point to grab my Bible for Scripture study and revel in Who God is or ponder anything. Except for maybe why life has to be so difficult at times. (Why does life have to be so difficult at times??)

God lets me know in only a way that He can that I’mma be ok. All those critical thoughts are not what He’s thinking. All those negative, ugly remarks are from the one that wants to completely annihilate me and my beautiful soul; they are most definitely not from the One Who loves me more than anything. So on those days, when I’ve just stepped in what appears to be a mixture of pee and jelly, God gives me a quick hug if I only take the 3 seconds to let Him.