This blog is an attempt to “cheat the system” and provide myself with free therapy as well as hopefully help others in the process. This blog started a few months back after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It is not an educational site in the traditional sense, due to the fact that it is not filled with the latest research or efficacy of various CFS treatments. It is more a look at my journey with and through it. This life revamp has allowed me to evaluate not only where I was in life, but also who I’ve been and why. (You’re able to do that when you aren’t working.) In all seriousness, I give God the glory when it comes to this battle with CFS. I wouldn’t say I’ve had an easy life–are there people who say that?–but I do  roll with the punches. However, this syndrome in and of itself forces you to reevaluate life and its priorities. In retrospect, I was the rabbit in life, an easy-going rabbit, but a rabbit nonetheless. I couldn’t possibly get enough done. There weren’t enough hours in the day! I could do 45 things on a “To-Do List” and be kickin’ myself for not achieving the “golden” 50 items. I am now taking lessons from another of God’s critters: the turtle. Some days it’s easier to go that pace while others I need a constant reminder that it’s ok to not be the World Record-setting tortoise…you know the one. The one that defeats all odds and scrambles like mad to the finish line.

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