Monthly Archives: July 2015

Meeting with the General


I had an epiphany today. I was thinking about God and how trustworthy He. Then I asked myself, “Do I trust Him with everything?” The resounding answer of course was yes! Of COURSE I trust God with everything…as long as He does it my way. Eeek. This thought hit me like a baseball to the noggin. I only trust God to do things IF He does them how I would. A loved one’s sick? Well, of course we both want them healed, but if it doesn’t happen in 2 weeks or less, then I start to wonder, “Is this really God’s plan?”

When’s the last time you got “down and dirty” with God? When’s the last time you let Him know exactly what He already knows about you? Seem odd? It is. Just let it be odd. We’re not called to be normal.

Why can’t we defeat the enemy? Because we’re not regularly meeting with the General.

We wonder why we can’t get free from things that drag us down and at best, irritate us. We sit and ponder what the problem is and why God isn’t working on our behalf. Are we working on His behalf? No, we don’t have to earn our salvation, but wouldn’t it be polite if we showed we cared about God’s cause? I won’t ask for forgiveness here even though I almost feel like I should, but I need this push just as much as anyone. God hasn’t called us to sit around, complaining about our situation or maybe not EVEN saying, “God’s got this all worked out” He’s called us to take action. SHOW someone how God has saved you. How? Do something. Right now. Today.