Monthly Archives: December 2012

My Prayer Tonight


Father God, You sent Your only Son and changed my life. It caused pain, hurt, and agony for His mother and You as well. Don’t let me forget for even a second Lord that You have done this not just for me, but also for each and every creation You personally created. You are love. You do not hate. You cannot. You have indeed been misrepresented and I, for one, am so very grateful to know the true You. Thank You for allowing me to get as close to You as I could possibly want. Lord, remind me not to let the distractions of the days here on earth take precedence over You. Remind me of why I’m here. Remind me that this gift is not just for me, but also for everyone I meet. It’s for those at the gas stations, taking the money and pumping gas. It’s for the parents who just lost their son in a horrible shooting. It’s for the mother who blankly stares at the Christmas she just wrapped for her daughter who was needlessly shot in her classroom yesterday. It’s for the boyfriend that just got the news that the love of his life died protecting the children she taught. It’s for the little boy who asks who he will play with now that his sister is gone. Your salvation is limitless and free to everyone who will accept it. God You are allowed in our schools and in our hearts. We give You the control that we so desperately need and sometimes don’t know where to seek. We love You and thank You for Your comfort in these horrific times. Thank you for healing the hearts of those affected by tragedy.We are amazed at what You do and what You can accomplish through the lives of those who have suffered at the hands of others. We thank You for their testimony and the encouragement it gives us when we most need it. Father, You know the needs of Your people. We cry out to hear Your voice, then rarely take the time to listen for it. Forgive us for neglecting You, as You are the solution. Remind us to look to You for strength, understanding, encouragement, and healing. Even our broken hearts continue to sing Your praises Lord. We believe wholeheartedly You will not let us down and leave us wounded in the battlefield. Thank You for Your ever-present whispers to use the tools You have given us to fight against the true enemy in this war. We love You. In Jesus’ most precious name we always pray, Amen.




I’m hit! I’m hit! I feel like crying out. Hit. Then hit some more. Like the poor little girl with glasses on the 2nd grade playground. The bully hits and hits and hits some more. Death in the family. Hit. Broken bone, complete with crutches and hospital bills. Hit. Friends letting you down. Hit. With each hit, you crumple a little bit more. A church member is insensitive. Hit. The flu. Hit. Thoughts you haven’t thought in years come bubbling up to the very forefront of your mind. “Who cares? Nobody’s here for me. Why would they be? Life sucks.” Man down.

The question, ultimately, is are you going to stay there? Are you going to let each of these affect your mood, day in and day out? Are you going to quit the race or stay in it, fighting for each step gained?

What are our options really? We began this crazy mission God placed us on! You know the one where we’re supposed to continue to show His love no matter what? Please don’t be offended that I call it crazy (some days it seems like the cuh-raziest thing in the world for me to smile, much less show God’s love to that less-than-friendly cashier!) but when’s the last time you thought about it?

God made us from nothing. He loved us even though we were nuts. THEN He sends His one and only son (WHO would DO that?) to die, for US, the nutballs who don’t know how to act right. Then He chooses us to work on His team to bring other nutballs to His side! If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time because I know, beloved people, that there are days when we wonder if it’s all gonna be worth it. The resounding answer to that is, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? Of COURSE it’s gonna be worth it!!!” To hang out and worship Jesus all the days of our lives and beyond! We will praise His name forever and ever and ever, AMEN! So God reminded me today (and I opted to remind you) that we keep on truckin’! Hunker down and cover your head with the Word of the Most High God if you have to, but keep on truckin’ through it! It is not all in vain. God does not lie and will NEVER let us down. Chin up, soldier! Our rewards are infinitely, greatly awesome and the battle is so very temporary.