Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pop! Goes the Scapula


So, as it turns out, I’m not so good at “being still and knowing He’s God.” I’d like to say, as a member of the Women’s Ministry Team, and a member of the greatest church in the world, and God’s own chosen child, I am AWESOME at that! But guess what: I’m not. The thought that only somewhat comforts me is this: As I look around, I don’t see too many people “being still and knowing He’s God.” Who’s standing still these days?? Life is fast-paced, quickly passing, and short! We’ve gotta move, move, move!!! Faster, faster, faster!!! If we don’t get the 18 things on our to-do lists done, then…then…what? What will actually happen if we just get the top 3 done? Is it our lives that are causing our stress? Is it our choice to be stressed? This very thought came to me as I stepped onto my bathmat this am and something popped in my back. As I’m drying my hair, I hear Pop! I then proceeded to take the towel off my head only to realize that it hurt almost as bad as a kick to the face with a golf shoe.
Then, the thought: I wonder if I could have prevented this. I hold all my stress in my….body. Ha! Another area I’m working on—don’t ya love when someone point s out something you already knew but didn’t want to admit? That’s what God did for me this morning! We don’t have to hold our stress ANYWHERE! Not our shoulders, our upper back, lower back, pinkie finger, big toe…it’s not ours! Cast ALL your cares, worries, fears, doubts, stress on Him and He will bring you through.
I then said a prayer that went something like, “I need you to heal me. If I don’t believe you can heal me of this, then how would I believe you could heal anyone of cancer?” I stood, hunched over, waiting to hear another Pop! as it went back into place. Nothing. I felt “Be still and know that I am God.” Be still? Ok! Nooooo problem at this point God! I can do that! I stood still…for all of maybe 30 seconds. Maybe. Then, I started to move…this way, that way, oh ouch! That hurts, yep, gonna have to go to the chiropractor. Ouch! is right!! God knew today that I would hurt His feelings I bet. And He loves me anyway! Thank you God for holding my hand as I walk through my days and learn lessons that will help others as I help myself! Belief. I believe He can heal me. I believe He can heal cancer. I believe that I can hear that Pop! back into place! As I have my finger on the speed dial to the chiropractic clinic. Yep, being still and knowing full well that He is not only God, but that He is more than capable of more than we could ever imagine may be an area that needs work.