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Trust. Rest. Know.


What’s on your mind today? Do you remember when people used to take the time to ask you this? I flashback to a black and white sitcom where an adolescent kicks at the ground, barely noticing the dust he just stirred up with a frown while his coach or worse, his mom, comes out to the base to ask what’s bothering him. By the end of the ½ hour, the mystery and problem is solved. He’d had a bad day at school or someone had taken his lunch money or a teacher had hurt his feelings because she let him know she didn’t feel he was trying his very best. He let someone in on it and a resolution appeared as if out of thin air. Pretty easy fix.

Do you believe in easy fixes anymore? Can you let God fix it? Or are you trying to hold on to it with all your might while you watch as it, whatever “it” is, falls to the ground in bits and pieces? God’s not going to fight you for it. It has to be your choice. Can you chose to hand it over to Him or do you have to interfere? (Ew, “interfere” is an ugly word. Let’s use “help” instead.) Do you have to help God with your problems? Are you able to hear your Sheperd’s voice or are you constantly second-guessing yourself and Him, wondering if it’s your own voice you’re hearing, or worse yet, the devil’s?

Our own voice, thoughts, and feelings get in the way so much and so often if we let them. God dealt with me on this as it’s something I have struggled with for years. “I don’t feel like it.” This statement would keep me from getting out of bed on some days, from going to work on others, not helping Sister Wahoo when she truly needed it, going to church and hearing exactly what I needed to…the list of wonderful things I missed out on is endless. My feelings and emotions ruled, not God. He brought me to a point where I said, “I’m doing this whether I feel like it or not. I’m going no matter what.” I’ve learned that once you become a woman of your word and His, life becomes significantly less indecisive. I used to spend hours in the back and forth realm, driving myself to a point of apathy and frustration. Now, praise God, I make up my mind, set my intention (as a yogi might say) and stick with that. The path of least resistance is usually the road I end up avoiding nowadays. Being a human being and all, the easy road is the one that appears way more attractive. It’s the payoff at the end of this journey that appears way less attractive however.

God didn’t call us to be ho-hum, so-so, willy-nilly, if-a-situation-presents-itself-then-I’ll-speak-up-kinda believers. We are to know His voice and follow it. I’m guessing if you’re waiting around for a situation where you can show yourself to be a true believer, you’ve already missed it. (Look out! You may be one of the Ho-hums!!) We have to trust that God knows where we need to be and places us there for a reason we don’t have to understand.

How do we know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that God will lead us where we need to be? How do we just sit back, hangin’ loose, sippin’ our sweet tea with our feet up, while turmoil ensues? “It’s not that easy!!” I hear from the hoards of readers’ minds, or maybe mouths. (Do you talk to your screens too?)

Trust in Me. Rest in me. Know that I am Me. Trust. Rest. Know. It is that easy. No matter what you’re up against today, I’m praying you believe that it is that easy. Trust. Rest. Know. He is your answer and He will not leave you. He’s asking, “What’s on your mind?” Take a chance and let Him in on it today.

Soul Restoration


I am stressed out. Completely and totally, unbelievably-don’t-know-how-to-work-my-way-up-for-air-stressed out. Some people have a full plate, I have a buffet. Complete with extra fattening toppings at the end. I make lists, to-do, to-get, to-be, to-call, to-look-out-for, to-find-a-good-deal-on, the lists of lists are endless! I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t keep track of which notebook I put which list in, much less FIND that notebook when I need it. And don’t EVEN let me anywhere near Post-its.

I stopped myself, looked in the mirror, and began asking all the important questions: “WHAT is going on with you? WHY are you so stressed? WHERE do you possibly need to go that fast? WHEN are you gonna take a break? WHO are you trying to impress? HOW are you going to get everything in your overstuffed brain accomplished?”
Turns out the answer to the first one was a teary-eyed mumble. The second was, “I have SO MUCH to get done!” Third, “Everywhere (*I sighed for dramatic effect)…the bank, the grocery store, Diapers-R-Us, the under-utilized-these-days post office…” “I can’t possibly take a break right now! The kids are sleeping. Look at this house! There’s bills to be paid, floors to be mopped, AW CRUD! I just crushed a raisin into the carpet…and wait, what’s that over there? That had better be chocolate! Wait, I didn’t give her any chocolate.” And finally, the answer to the last question, “I’m certainly not impressing anyone as far as I can tell. Nobody even notices ANYTHING I do around here.”
I attempted to take a deep breath and about the time I did, a tension pain shot through my back. (This brought on another short-lived cry.)

Then I felt God say: Rest in me.
Me: Yeah, ok. Where God? When God?
Right here. Right now.
How God?
Turn that TV off.
What are we gonna do? Just sit here? In silence?

I didn’t have to ask “Why?” as I figured the answer might be “Because you’re a freaked-out, overanxious basketcase.” At this point in the conversation I was having with the Almighty Creator of the Earth, I began to chuckle, (possibly guffaw, but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly) then laugh out loud. I suddenly didn’t worry about waking the babies. I didn’t care that I had no idea what we would eat for dinner tomorrow or how we would pay this bill or make room in the budget for that, or that I somehow miscalculated and have no long pants for my little boy for the winter. I laughed, I breathed, I relaxed, and I even cried some happy, God-You-are-so-cool tears. He restored my soul. They say that God won’t hunt you down and make you do anything. After tonight, I’m not sure I believe that. He knew my heart’s cry and made it all better, like a mommy kisses an owie. Thank You God for reminding me that I am only human and I can do nothing without You. Special prayers tonight for all those with crying hearts and souls in need of restoration.