Monthly Archives: February 2013

Our Joy Key


The “keys to Christianity.” We know ‘em, right? Jesus died for us, then rose from the grave, and here we are. Saved, delivered, and sanctified. Now we’re supposed to tell others. Yadda yadda yadda. (It’s ok, God knows me.) We almost get to a point of, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all that before.” (Not that we would ever admit that to anyone.) We almost become numb. I say “almost” to be polite.

Are we numb to the fact, yes, FACT, that Jesus did anything for us? Why, oh why, would He do that? Why would He do anything at all? My purpose is not to bring you down this morning and it’s definitely not to point fingers as I am just as guilty as the next, but why don’t we jump out of our seats and shout at the idea that the Son of the Most High God loves us?? And the Most High God loves us?? Why do they love us? I don’t honestly know!! I do stupid things and say even dumber things at least 6 times a week. My average of stupid vs. Godly doesn’t seem to be up to par most days, but He still loves me. He loves me!! He loves you. That’s not a yadda-yadda kinda statement!! That’s a WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???-kinda statement!! He loves us folks!! He loves us and wants to see us prosper. To “prosper” means to be successful or fortunate, to thrive (not just survive) and flourish! We’re not meant to sit on the sidelines waiting for Jesus to return twiddling our thumbs (otherwise known as “texting” these days) like we’re waiting on a bus. We’re supposed to thank God we have another day to show others what God’s done for us and how He’s causing us to thrive and flourish! There are umpteen kind of religions out there and even different names of types of Christians…but our lives should all boil down to joy, a “joy-syrup” if you will! Joy in what we have in Jesus Christ! Joy in how we show God how much we appreciate what He’s done! And what He continues to do in our lives, teaching us that we don’t have to just survive. We get to thrive abundantly and with a joy-filled, hippity-hop in our step! Have an AWESOMELY thankful day in the Lord!