Monthly Archives: September 2016

Adore and Cherish


Do bigger houses bring you closer to God? If you get the penthouse, does that mean a stronger relationship and more favor? God blesses His children each and every day, whether it’s with material things or not-so-material items. We are to be thankful. We are not called to judge our covet. We are to listen for our Father’s voice. Nothing about that is hard. If we are finding it complicated to see His face in all we do, maybe we’re not looking in the right direction. It’s not hard to find someone who is always there. God is right where you left Him. If you are constantly looking at someone else’s blessings, wanting them for yourself, you’re not appreciating your own.I pray today that I can adore and cherish what God has blessed me with because I am richer than any Kardashian ever could be. 



God understands the need for rest. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t have done it Himself. He didn’t create us to keep doing more and more and more, cramming more to do’s on to our list. You know the one that’s already full? He created us to do what He asked us to do and that looks different for every single human being. He created us to look with His eyes and His heart. There is nothing we can’t do because there is nothing He can’t do, but it’s all in His timing and it’s in an earthly body. Our bodies wear out and they need rest. Rest today knowing that God has this…whatever “this” may be (Matthew 11:28).