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Anxiety-Ridden Self


I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about anxiety. Or rather, a lot of people speaking with anxiety in their voices. They don’t even know it’s there a lot of times. There’s a certain underlying worry that goes along with humanity at times and I think we just accept it unknowingly if we’re not aware. To be human does not equal to be a big, anxious “hot mess.” I am a huge fan of words, more so positive words, and if you say this phrase around me, I can’t guarantee you won’t see my eyes roll back in my head. If your self-talk (you know the voice in your head all day) keeps claiming you’re a “hot mess” and how stupid you are or act, that’s what you’re going to believe. Many times, we don’t even know we believe the way we do about ourselves and I’m here to tell you today (I just changed my self-talk voice to “Guy on Informercial”-mode) YOU are in charge of that inner voice. You get to change your anxiety level. You. You get to decide.
Just like if you play the recording of the negative stuff over and over, if you say the good stuff, “I am the head and not the tail” “God takes care of me” “I will not fail” and a personal favorite: “I was born for this!” it changes your mindset. This will change your anxiety level. Don’t let yourself of all people keep you from what you want. Isn’t that silly? We are the ones who can stress us out the most, aren’t we? My mom used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” That includes TO yourself. And let’s be honest, if you’re not nice to yourself and you have to spend all day with you, that’s a pretty big beat down. Every single day. So talk yourself up. Be kind to the one God created. He didn’t do it by accident. You have a purpose and a plan and nothing can stand in the way of that…unless you allow it.


New “Self-Talk”


You didn’t win again. You are not victorious. It’s bigger than you. All you have to do is look around at what others can do and realize you certainly can’t do that. You create confusion, which admittedly you are pretty good at. That’s the only compliment you’re going to get. You can’t do it. It’s too much for you. Here I stand, staring you down. Remember the look in these eyes because it’s the determination of the Most High God Himself. He lives in me and makes me invincible like the very best kind of superhero. Every victory on His side is a failure on yours. I am forever in His debt and you are forever under His thumb. I am no longer scared of what you do and I won’t be discouraged. I am stronger. I’m stronger than you. Stronger than yesterday and I’ll be even stronger tomorrow than I am today. So look out devil. It’s on. You lose. We win. A toddler can understand that. You lose. We win. I laugh at your attempts to show your “power.” I will no longer cry because I feel overwhelmed. I will laugh as you struggle to come up with some new plan. One that will inevitably fail. You will always fail. But don’t give up trying. It only shows just how much bigger and stronger my Father is in each of your failed attempts. I will shout “Victory!” and “Hallelujah!” and “Praise God Almighty!” for all He has done through me and to you. Take your place and get comfy there under my sole, enemy of my soul, because that’s where you’ll stay from here on out.