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So, it’s about 5:30 in the am and my teeny tiny daughter is sleeping, but I can’t. It always feels so utterly ridiculous when this happens. This “ought not be so.” As I’m laying in bed, I was throwing out some thoughts that didn’t belong in my head (2 Cor. 10:5) and I would concentrate on the many names of God, i.e. Wonderful Counselor (God knows I need a counselor…the wonderful part is a much-needed bonus) Strong Tower, etc. So at the forefront of my brain, I had all of these amazing images of God, as well as visualizations re: the many times He’s been there and what He’s brought me through. Then, there’s the back of my mind. The back of our minds is what’s under attack so often and we don’t even realize it.

I get so tired of constantly battling those thoughts of negativity, outright lies, worries, stresses. See, God doesn’t tire, but neither does the enemy of our souls. We become exhausted, but God doesn’t. That’s why the Scriptures say to lean on Him and cast all our cares on Him. How do we do that? We simply…ahhhh…simple….tell Him about it. Tell Him what’s going on in your crazy chaos of a time on this earth. God knows what you’re dealing with and He knows how hard you’re trying. Don’t let the thoughts that don’t belong rule your brain. Just toss ’em out like last week’s tuna salad!

We are to be set apart. We have nothing to worry about, but tons to pray about. It is so amazingly cool to see something you’ve prayed for work out even better than you could’ve imagined. And that’s no coinky-dink, darling child of the Most High God. This is God working through you because you looked to Him and His wisdom and His untiring Spirit! We don’t have to have the energy or the strength because He does!