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On the Smoothie Wagon


Green tea. It turns out it’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I still trek along with a cup…uhh..probably every other day. Eeek. So I’ve been cheating and putting it in my regular pitcher of tea. Is this allowed? Will the Health Police be knocking on my door soon? It’s not exactly what the “alternative doctor” ordered, but I have been upping my water intake as well as drinking…wait for it…..

SMOOTHIES!!! I’ve never been trendy a day in my life and turns out all I needed to do was throw some veggies and fruit in my blender of choice and POOF! I’m instantly with the “in-crowd!” Smoothies are everywhere. Books, infomercials, (Montel looks fabulous!) magazines… It all began when I ordered the book, (which I finished in less than a week. That’s kudos to you Kris Carr as I have a very young child) “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr—a totally cool, veeeerrrrry informative book (including info on enemas…I had no idea people under the age of 85 actuallly did this.) This woman has not only beat cancer at a very young age, but has a beautifully inspirational spirit that just fills the room as you read.

I had also heard about a man named Joe Cross (Kris and Cross…did anyone else catch that or was it just my overactive brain?) who made a film called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I adore the brutally honest title as this Aussie was over 300 pounds, covered in hives of some sort. He literally changed his life with 60 days of fruit and vegetable juice. The same friend who introduced me to this guy had been juicing for 3 days and the second she walked up, I noticed a difference in her skin, as well as her energy level! 3 days!

So I think the main idea of my little report here is: juicy smoothies are good. I like smoothies better than juicing because they have all the fiber and fill me up for longer periods of time. That being said, I think if there were magical elves that would wash, peel (unless it’s organic), juice, and clean up the juicer for me each morning, I would be a juicing fanatic. Who knows? Maybe that’s next…and on that note, I’m gonna go put a veggie and fruit in smooth form!