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Clear Skies and Confirmation


“Many times when people are recovering from illness, they follow a strict diet that brings balance back into their eating habits. Find balance in all you do, and keep the enemy away from your door.” Joyce Meyer 

This was in my devotional reading today. This statement makes me feel so adult. I don’t typically read devotionals, which my mom finds hilarious since I’ve assisted in writing one. It’s just always seemed so disciplined and routine to me. I’m not really a routine-kinda gal and it’s not because I don’t want to be. I try to keep routines. In fact, I have one hanging in the kitchen, I just forget to look at it. My day would run so incredibly smoothly if I could only do step 1 first, then follow it with the other steps! It doesn’t happen this way, but that doesn’t keep this ADD gal from striving for just that. 

I’ve been tackling this autoimmune stuff with diet lately and I’m in my third month of the autoimmune protocol diet. This game plan avoids eggs, nuts, seeds, chocolate, soy, dairy, sugar, gluten/wheat, rice, oats, legumes, nightshade veggies (potatos, tomatos, eggplant, peppers), food additives like guar gum and carrageenan, NSAIDS (medications for pain such as ibuprofen/acetaminophen), and alcohol (haven’t touched the stuff since March 12th, 2009. Thank you Jesus!) This is not a diet to lose weight, although I am. It is a healing diet, a somewhat of a system reset, then reintroductions of certain foods to identify if they have a negative effect (I.e. inflammation) within my body. It’s very difficult. It requires discipline and focus. 2 concepts I have yet to master on any level. I’ve prayed for God to heal me like He did the woman with the issue of blood (Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48) In fact, I’ve imagined myself touching his clothes as He walked by and feeling magnificent! And there have been times that I have literally felt so good I can’t even describe it, but they are very short-lived, as in a-few-minutes-short. I believe that it’s coming one day and if He didn’t have a good reason and a plan, I’d be in perfect health. After all, I was the one who trashed this temple of mine for quite a few years. Seems only fair I’d experience some consequences somewhere along the way.  

This venture has been a long one in my mind, although I know I have it much better than some. There’s a tendency in this journey to become self-pitying, especially when you’re not eating anything other human beings eat. But today, today is a new day, with new mercies and clear skies. I’m thanking God for His unique ability to give us signs that we’re on the right track, no matter how rough that track may appear. 

Blessing-Filled Mirror


As a speech therapist, I like to examine what people say. Since I truly became interested in a relationship with God, I love to hold what people say up to what God would have us say. For instance, “Well, we don’t know what to expect in this situation” came to mind a few days back. It hit me like a softball to the forehead. This is a statement made either out of habit or by someone who truly doesn’t believe a word God has to say.

As believers, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, what to expect! God’s Word tells us exactly what to expect!! Goodness, prosperity, the land beneath our feet, and on and on and on and on!! How exciting! If we could grasp hold of this one concept God has for us in the year 2013, what could we accomplish? Instead of moseyin’ around scratchin’ body parts, wondering what’s gonna happen next, what if we stand strong in His Name and TOLD the enemy what we know is gonna happen next? What if we quoted, every single day, Scripture that reflects back on us, like a blessing-filled mirror? How would God change us? What could WE change in this world because of the change He made in us?

Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue has the power of life and death and Proverbs 4:20-22 tells us to listen closely to what He has to say because what He does say brings health and life! That’s one of the promises of God, our God!! He doesn’t just spout things off like humans do. He promised us that and He doesn’t lie or let us down! Our words make a difference in the way we act, think, and treat ourselves and others. They can prosper us and cause great things to happen, or we can be trapped (Proverbs 6:2).

I, after a confirmation from a friend, have realized that I’ve been giving God the “little” jobs…meaning, I haven’t been believing Him for anything bigger than helping me to find the best parking space at the grocery store. I honestly don’t know that God gives a hoot where I park, but He’s not that little genie we take out and ask for wishes when we need him. I got comfy where I was, like Peter. Peter would have been content to stay right where he was, fishing, but Jesus asked Him to drop it all and follow Him. Mark Buchanan, summed it up in Your God is Too Safe:
“Follow Me.
Follow You where?
Where I lead you.
To do what?
What I tell you.
For how long?
He doesn’t say, but we know He means forever.”

If we expect more from God, we will receive more, due to the confidence we have in God Himself and knowing that we can ask anything according to His will and He hears us!! 1 John 5:14,15