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My circumstance doesn’t change His presence. My circumstance doesn’t change His presence. My circumstance doesn’t change His presence.

I’m not losing it, I truly meant to type that 3 times because it needs to be my mantra. And probably yours. I’m taking some liberties in assuming (please don’t say it. You know what I’m talking about.) because I see so many people so down-trodden. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before, but a very clear picture comes to mind when you see it. It’s where every one of us has been and some continue to stay there. Lift your head. Your circumstance does not change His presence. What’s in His presence? Peace. Ahhh, peace. Do you remember what that feels like? Joy. What’s that? I’d be willing to bet there are so many, believers and not, who have no clue what real joy is. Unspeakable joy, true happiness, and great pleasure. His joy comes in the morning. Maybe not this very morning, maybe not tomorrow morning, but that’s a promise God doesn’t intend to break. The waves and wind still know His name. It is not random the trials you’re facing. He has been preparing you for such a time as this. You don’t even have to be strong or “toughen up.” God’s going to be strong for you and you’re gonna get to the other side, knowing full well that you could not have done it without Him and His power. Rejoice, REJOICE! This day is coming. It’s coming on this earth, it won’t be long, we’ll see the results of our faith. I promise. And best of all and more importantly, God promises.


Snakes and 5-Year Plans


What’s your snake? God promised us that we’d be able to pick up vipers and not be harmed. What is it in your life that could be considered a snake? (I’m praying it’s not an actual snake. I don’t know where you live.) Paul shook that snake off his hand like it was nothing; it didn’t faze him. (Acts 28:3-6) I like how The Messages states he was “none the worse for wear.” Snakes attack and poison our lives, whether they are thoughts or actual occurrences. God knows what we’re dealing with and walks with us hand-in-hand, bites and all.

The point is: we’re gonna get scarred in this life. We have to walk paths that we never planned. No one plans for sickness, cancer, or any of the numerous other diagnoses. (I don’t think I’d want to hang out with them if they did. Talk about a Debbie Downer.) This journey I’m on right now wasn’t exactly in my 5-year plan. (*attempting to remember where I placed my 5-year plan. Oh wait, I didn’t have one. Maybe that’s the reason I got sick!)

The snakes in our lives aren’t going to just drop off on their own. That snake that bit Paul as he stood by the fire didn’t see that he was a man of God and decide to let go. Paul had to act. Given, I wouldn’t need an instruction booklet on how to wiggle around if there was a snake on my hand, but I’m trying to work around to a point here, ok?

We choose to act. We choose how we will react to the various circumstances that we’re bombarded with. Paul didn’t say, “God!!! Loooooook at what happened!! Deliver me!!” (In the scenario in my head, he did this in a 15-year-old squealing girl voice.) He acted like he knew who he was in Christ and reacted accordingly. No big thing. Faith, trust, and knowledge of who God Himself said he was runneth over from his cup.

We can’t sit around pouting, wondering why bad things happen to all of us good people. We are to expect and be ready for the attack! Turns out, that’s what the enemy of our soul does. He attacks. He bites. And it’s up to us, as God’s sons and daughters, to act. We act. We shake it off! That’s what we should be ready for. The devil is not going to leave us alone and if you are a new Christian who thinks he’s supposed to now, I’m sorry. You were misinformed. You have now registered for the fight of your life, and for the lives of those closest to you. We are not supposed to hunker down, waiting in our little bubble for Jesus to come back! (At least I didn’t get a bubble? Did you get a bubble??)

God is with us before and after we realize we’re in a battle. He already told us this: He’s walking right beside us. Get out your Bible today and be reminded of who you are and what you’re capable of when the snake bites.