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While reading in Jonah, the book I’ve been stuck in for awhile now (better than a big fish, right? Yuk yuk) it hit me that Jonah didn’t know that he was getting out of that fish.He had no idea what the outcome would be. We know the end of the story and have for years, except for maybe the actual “vomit” part…they left that out when I was a kid. We realize he got out and finally did what God asked him to do. But while in the whale (and please don’t argue with me about what kind of fish it was…I’m not concerned about that.) Jonah had some time to think. God gifted him with that time by providing the huge creature. Does anyone else find that amazing and hilarious? My NIV study Bible literally says that He “provided a great fish to swallow Jonah” (Jonah 1:17) God does provide, I’m just wondering if Jonah had to laugh at the irony while covered in muck.

In all of his pondering, he had to disregard what his senses told him. He had to focus on the why, not the scary sights,eery sounds,and nasty smell. (I won’t go into the other senses but to say”taste” EW!) He had to control his thoughts and cry out to the One Who created that fish for help. So, quite a few hours/days, he spent crying, praying, and giving thanks. I would think that would lead to some pretty enlightening epiphanies.It wasn’t that he didn’t recognize where he was, Jonah knew good and well that he was literally in the pit of this big guy’s stomach, but he also began to recognize Who had the power and Who had possession.He eventually grasped the fact that God had ownership of the seas and the sailors that had hurled him into the vicious waves. This God knew Jonah. He knew him better than he could ever possibly know himself. All he could do in this moment of recognition was to confess and ask forgiveness. He had to shake his head and wonder what took him so long to understand. He finally comprehended that God would go to any lengths necessary to not only show His love for one of His kids, but for all of them.

As an added bonus to God’s plan, because once Jonah got that he was lost, he recognized that others were lost exactly like he was. Salvation comes from the Lord and all it took was a few days and nights in the stomach of a sea creature for him to see that very, very clearly. My absolute favorite line in this book is “What I have vowed I will make good.” Jonah was speaking of the promises he made to God during his special one-on-one time that the Creator made possible. (Hehe) How many times have we promised things to God and not made good? God recalls and makes good on His promises each and every day, no matter our scenery or situation.He has made so many vows to us when we certainly don’t deserve them. My goal today is to just be, where I am, whether I like that place or not, and give thanks to the God Who deserves each and every one.


More God More


The awesomeness and amazingly profound qualities of the God I serve are at the forefront of my mind today. The reason being, I think, is because my house is nothing but quiet. The only sound I hear is that of the baby monitor, patiently waiting for my dear blessing to awake.

Last night, I told God, I’m going to take some “real” time out to pray, you know, not the kind you do before a meal (although this has become more difficult being pregnant…patience is a virtue my unborn child has not yet learned) but the kind where you cry out to God for answers. You cry out to Him to change your situation or someone else’s. When was the last time I trusted God enough to just let go and allow Him to be my support? When was the last moment I felt so close to Him I could feel His breath on my cheek? I must say, it’s been longer than I would ever care to admit.

So last night was the night. I’m going to pray a really great prayer, one not unlike that of David. He sat and wrote and became closer and closer to God with every letter of every word. I want that! Ok, I’m going to pray a really great prayer. Oh! Look at that! I fell asleep in my chair. (I’d like to say this doesn’t happen very often, but I have noticed I am not above falling asleep with an empty plate on my lap. Yet another attractive “symptom” I’ll blame on pregnancy.)

Ok, well, now I need something to eat. It’s getting later…and later…oh! That show I’ve been wanting to see is on! I can DVR it, but when will I watch it? Now is when the baby’s asleep.

Oh my, it’s getting late! I regrettably make a half-attempt to muster the energy to pray to the God Who listens to my every word. He knew that if I didn’t pray RIGHT when I had the idea, life would take over. He knew what my excuse would then be. We can change lives if we just give up some of the time in ours. Isn’t it worth it? Why is it so difficult to “get around to it?” Because we have opposition. And unless we face that opposition head on, with a fury that is as determined to win as David was facing his opponent, we make no headway. If we make no headway, what is our purpose and the point of being here? Why did Christ give His life then? To save us and us alone? No one would argue that we need more time, but I would argue that we need more God more.