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Anxiety-Ridden Self


I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about anxiety. Or rather, a lot of people speaking with anxiety in their voices. They don’t even know it’s there a lot of times. There’s a certain underlying worry that goes along with humanity at times and I think we just accept it unknowingly if we’re not aware. To be human does not equal to be a big, anxious “hot mess.” I am a huge fan of words, more so positive words, and if you say this phrase around me, I can’t guarantee you won’t see my eyes roll back in my head. If your self-talk (you know the voice in your head all day) keeps claiming you’re a “hot mess” and how stupid you are or act, that’s what you’re going to believe. Many times, we don’t even know we believe the way we do about ourselves and I’m here to tell you today (I just changed my self-talk voice to “Guy on Informercial”-mode) YOU are in charge of that inner voice. You get to change your anxiety level. You. You get to decide.
Just like if you play the recording of the negative stuff over and over, if you say the good stuff, “I am the head and not the tail” “God takes care of me” “I will not fail” and a personal favorite: “I was born for this!” it changes your mindset. This will change your anxiety level. Don’t let yourself of all people keep you from what you want. Isn’t that silly? We are the ones who can stress us out the most, aren’t we? My mom used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” That includes TO yourself. And let’s be honest, if you’re not nice to yourself and you have to spend all day with you, that’s a pretty big beat down. Every single day. So talk yourself up. Be kind to the one God created. He didn’t do it by accident. You have a purpose and a plan and nothing can stand in the way of that…unless you allow it.


He’s Got This?


If you can heal me and your will is to heal me, then why am I still dealing with these symptoms? I can’t make it through this day. I can’t do it. I’m gonna lose it. What in the world is Your plan here? Wait, less work? I don’t have any less bills, God. And I thought this was the year we were getting out of debt? My hubby’s still sick after a week of this junk. How do I trust for more if I don’t believe You heal for a common bug? What about Dad? I thought he was healed…he surely doesn’t look like it as he has to rest after 5 minutes of activity. A double ear infection God? What’s going on with this kid?? I thought he was done with all this garbage. He’s already got enough of a testimony if you ask me. God, I need you to jack-slap me whenever you catch me being negative. Where’s my faith? What am I doing wrong? Who cares? I’m tired of trying so hard, God.

Every one of these statements have left my mouth this past week. As I type them out and get to see them first-hand, I see how much worry and anxiety each are riddled with. I think the point here is, I’m trying very hard. Do I need to try so hard? Or can I simply let God do what God does best? Which happens to be taking care of His kids. No. I simply cannot. As it turns out, that takes some work too ironically. As a human being, or as me, I have to be doing something to “help.” God has been walking me through this, but it’s not easy to kick back and let Him. (I picture us biting our nails and hangnails as God tries to grab our hand while we walk along His glorious beach.) Breathe in, breathe out and trust. I’m gonna try to open my Bible more and replace the worry with Word. Do a dance today as God just sent you a reminder that He’s got this!

Kiss a Chicken


Some days, you just gotta kiss a chicken. There are days when you overthink things. Today is one of them for me. “Why did he say that? What did she mean by that look? Where did that idea come from? Where will I be in five years? Do I look ok in orange…some can pull it off…geez, I hope I’m not one of the people who can’t and have been looking washed-out for years…”
Maybe it’s just me. I tend to overanalyze things to a fault. I can still hear my dad saying, “You think too much.” I remember thinking (Maybe dad was right.) “Aren’t there worse things than having a daughter who thinks?” The issue, I believe/think (I’m trying…), is that overthinkers tend to be worriers. What if? Why? How? and so on and so forth. I have really worked on not worrying and instead of saying, “I’m not worried, I’m concerned.” like some people I know, who shall remain nameless (Mom), I truly attempt to give it to God instead of hang on to the anxiety for fun.
Truth is, I have been described as “fly by the seat of my pants,” “easy-going,” and “chill.” That last one was from a friend of mine’s daughter. I’ve tried using it in conversation as an adjective, but I just sound like an elderly woman who needs to continue using it as a verb.
Christians have so many rules and regulations and goals for themselves, which is a good thing, to an extent. Then the situation can go the other way where you feel like you no longer know how to communicate correctly or the way God would want you to, so you stay at home in your flannel PJs for fear of affecting someone’s eternal salvation negatively.
Maybe I’m the only one who’s given the topic that much thought and that would be right on target for the overthinking brain. However, something tells me there is indeed someone out there who just needs to chill (see?)or accept that, in the words of a famous Jamaican, every little thing’s gonna be alright. Keep your overthinkin’ mind in check by reminding yourself that God’s got this, no matter what it is…and you can go out and find a chicken to kiss…for absolutely no reason at all. =)