Yeah, I Said It


I won’t turn back. I will not back down. I am standing firm. And I most certainly will not be afraid. I’m crazy? Yes. Yes, I am. Crazy to believe that God couldn’t love me, that He doesn’t care what happens to me. Crazy is thinking that what our Creator says is not truth. We are His people. We are not silent. We are not doormats. And we are not weak. We are strong because He is strong. We are warriors because He is a warrior. We are not defeated because He can’t be. He can’t be anything but faithful to us. He will not go back on His promises and there are many. We stand firm and see His salvation, here, on this earth. We don’t have to wait until heaven to experience the abundant life. That is not the plan and never has been. We pray until something happens. When’s the last time you turned off the TV, put down your phone, and prayed? And I don’t mean this namby- pamby, wussy, “God, be with us” prayers. (Pssst, he’s already with us without us having to ask.) I mean the “feet-stompin’, discouragement-crushin’, here’s-the-way-it-is-devil” prayers where you feel the Holy Spirit coursing through your veins like the blood that God Himself put there. God didn’t call us to boredom, sitting with our feet up, watching shows with four-letter words on 3-letter stations. Turn it off, put it down, and do something for Him instead of watching what other people are doing. Take a step in the direction that you know God is calling you to. Give Him more than the “allotted” 5-minute devotional time and see what happens to your world.


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