Salvation Secured


I heard today that a lot of people, based on a certain statistic, think that Christians are just “hate-filled hypocrites”. And I’m sure that’s exactly what the enemy would have all who will listen to believe. But I have to say, and maybe it’s just because I’m one of them (one o’ them thar Christians, you know) that I don’t see any hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is defined as “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense” and some synonyms include empty talk, dishonesty, and insincerity.
I can understand how this would get annoying. After all, I get annoyed at the way some Christians act (red cup, anyone?) but in all honesty, I believe a lot of it is they aren’t secure in their salvation. I was a Christian for years and still did all kinds of things that would make a lot of church-goin’ folks blush. But here’s the deal: God didn’t lay out every part of His “moral standard” for me at that point of my journey. He knew I’d be completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t possibly live up to His idea or beliefs about who I was in Him when I was in that place. So maybe that’s what some individuals see as hypocritical. They’re living by a different code because maybe they don’t have difficulty in the same areas as you do. Their 2 X 4 is something different than yours. All that being said, the Christians I know and the ones that I hang around, know full-well of who they are. Both who they are with God and without Him. They don’t shade the truth or cover up their human tendencies and forget what Jesus did for them. They’ve accepted the fact that without God’s help, without the Creator lining up their days, that they would indeed be hypocritical. They would go back to their old ways, whether it is drugs or alcohol, or lust and sex, or finger-pointing and a judgy, critical spirit, whatever the case may be. The Christians I know are all learning to trust God in each of their personal trials. They don’t stand and say “No, I never do that and I don’t think you should either!” The Christians I know say “Oh yeah, left to my own devices, that’s exactly what I would do. Without God’s help I couldn’t make it through a day without a drink.” Or “There are times when I’m tempted to go back to the drugs, but thank God I don’t.” Because that’s not what they look to anymore. Those leave us feeling hollow, searching for more. It’s no surprise that addicts don’t keep doing the same drugs and the same amounts; it takes more. And more. Then more. Because that’s not a hole-filler. The Christians I know look to God for their help because He is our strength, the ultimate Hole-Filler, and He is their joy. They don’t feel like they’re better than everybody else. They feel very much like they are everybody else. The Christians I know have experienced the freedom that no man and no 12-step program could ever give. They are free. I am one of them.  He is my strength and He is my joy. I was addicted but now I’m not and that is because of God.  So, that being said, if people from “yesteryear” see me “nowadays” (where do these terms come from?)  then yeah, they may see a hypocrite. They may look back and remember what I used to do and what I used to be, but that’s not me now. And it’s not the Christians I know.


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  1. I don’t think it is so much the sins of drugs or alcohol they are talking about Christians being hypocritical about. I think it is the sins the church turns a blind eye toward while condemning the world that is not yet under God’s conviction of law, because they do not know Him or allow Him harge of their lives. We condemn homosexual lifestyle, while nothing is said to people who claim to be Christians but get the same no fault divorce (not a case of infidelity or abuse) as their wordly neighbors, and then our churches allow them to marry in the church and hold leadership positions. The world knows we are supposed o love our neighbor, but there are a lot of Christians who get quite hateful, Wesrboro Baptist Church is an extreme example, but they hardly have the market cornered. The church in America has allowed the government to take over caring for the poor and diabled, and then some people abuse it while others are abused by it as bureaucrats make fat paychecks disbursing it and the workers in the communities are over whelmed and overworked. We have people who don’t tithw and they fail to fulfill missions in their communities, but we also have churches that do not give as much as they could in their communities because they are wracked with vanity having more concerned about the decor of their building than the bodies, minds, hearts, and souls of the people of their community. A coffee bar or a lounge in the foyer should not come before putting food in stomachs and clothes on backs. And there are people sitting I those churches beating their chests like Pharisees bragging about how much they and their church have given. But Christ said to sell it all to follow Him. Those people may have given a lot but they could have given more. We are called to help the least of these, but when people walk into a church and all they are is people’s backs as they are laughing as carry on with the people in their cliques, what makes them any different than the world?
    The hypocrisy is deep in our churches, from big skns to little sins, we put on an act of what we should be, but aren’t and we a quick to make excuses. But that is what a church is, a hospital for the sick, not a rest home for the perfect. Our failure is in not putting a pin in our puffed up selves and being honest with sinners and saints alike about our sins and bear one another’s burdens, coming alongside one another so everybody gets a place at the feet of Christ.

    • Thank you Kate for your comment and input. This was by no means a be all/end all to the sins of the church or population as a whole. “Not a rest home for the perfect”…love that! May God bless you today and always dear sister!

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