CFS Update


I haven’t posted anything on CFS for a while and thought I would. (You may have already discovered this as you’re reading this post.) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…bleh. I never wanted that disease as I’ve literally had people say, “I think I have that too.” or “I have a touch of that.” Yes, you may, but you probably don’t. CFS is a diagnosis like any other: No one wants a diagnosis of any kind, no matter what you call it. A “diagnosis” of any kind usually doesn’t scream “WHAT A GREAT DAY!”

I have started a new supplement (I’ll tell you the name later if it helps me.) It’s a powdered drink mix/vitamin mixture thingy that is supposed to make me “feel like a new woman.” (If I gained health each time someone told me that throughout this journey, I would be invincible.) I’m on week 2 and I love the taste of it even though it looks like pond water. Excited, cautiously, to see how I feel in a month. Hopefully terrific before the 30-day trial return period is up. (See? Caution.)

I’m choosing not to include symptoms purposefully in this post as I have been able to work out 3 times a week, start a new job, and train up 2 children. This is more than many people do and I am so thankful to not be in that SBR. (*See previous post if you have no idea what this acronym is.)

Praying specifically for those dealing with CFS symptoms today.


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