Be Still and Know


Once in a great while, we get to watch as God uses someone that no one expected Him to. No one really sees it coming. It could be the man on the barstool or the woman who introduces herself to men by sleeping with them. It might be the homeless family that lives in a tiny car or the baby that simply wasn’t “supposed” to be conceived or survive the procedure. One thing I’ve noticed is He isn’t using the individuals that appear to have it all together. God is perfect, but we don’t have to be. That’s not what He’s looking for to further His Kingdom.

So many believe, whether they’ll admit it or not, that we are to clean ourselves up, spit-shined and polished, before we could ever even talk to God. Our image of Him is skewed in that sense. He doesn’t expect us to wait until we’ve got it all together. He is not the One Who puts that thought into our heads, but He is the One desperately trying to convince us of His love. That perfect love that we can’t buy or get anywhere else, not even the store that begins with “W”. We can’t be who we are with anyone else until we are ourselves with Him. Freedom comes in admitting that our true selves could never be cleaned up enough to be in His Holy Presence anyway.

We live in a day where nothing is holy. We no longer know the meaning, if we ever did. Before cell phones, Facebook, reality TV, and YouTube, there were certain areas of our lives we kept private, secret even. We did not tell a soul about what we had for lunch, how our bodies felt, the man who cut us off in traffic, or our deep revelations pertaining to french fries.

I believe we, as a whole, are searching for holiness. That place where we can get quiet and just be. “Being still and knowing that He is God” isn’t getting any easier. We have to take the time (our most precious commodity) to learn how. It doesn’t come easily or naturally but He’s got it under control. He loves us. He didn’t make any promises about how easy life was going to be. He never said we wouldn’t get sick, we wouldn’t lose people we loved dearly, and we wouldn’t have reasons to get discouraged.

It is in these times that we grow and change as we are molded into the willing vessels that God can use. God’s favor falls on each of His believers daily. We pray, recognize the power of God and His favor, and put into practice His beliefs. We get to know Him and find out what those deeply rooted beliefs are. We accept and wholeheartedly believe that He has the best plan, then move forward with that plan, whether one step or the entire layout is revealed to us. We are so blessed. Don’t waste time entertaining the notion of anything otherwise.

This article is dedicated to a loving friend, Sam Myers, who made the dash between these two dates count, May 31, 1950-May 17, 2014. Sam was the epitome of worship to me and remains an ever-present reminder that God willingly changes individual lives in a radical way, whereby creating a path for those individuals to allow God to change more lives. My heart aches each time I think about our loss here on Earth. I will forever miss that gorgeous smile that radiated a fierce love for others and His Savior, but I smile myself when I picture him lifting his arms and dancing as he worships the God he lived for in God’s very presence.


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  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! Wonderful encouragement. We don’t have to clean ourselves up before God will love us…just come to Him “as is” and He will do the rest… And give us rest! Beautiful tribute to Sam, too. I wish I’d known him better.

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