The Last Laugh


Jesus got the last laugh. Have you ever had the opportunity to pat yourself on the back when everyone else thought one thing and you thought another, then it turned out you were right? That is one AWESOME feeling. As I was reading about how Jesus healed a ruler’s daughter (Matthew 9:18-26) I thought how amazing that would be to be Jesus at that moment! He walks into the ruler’s house, saw everyone playing the funeral music, and told ‘em to pack it up. NIV says, “Go away. The girl is not dead but asleep.” And they laughed at him, thinking he was the crazy one. But not only did he know Whose authority He was walking with, but he knew truth. They were ushered outside, like a “herd of turtles” as some might say, so that this young girl could have a Jesus encounter. He held her hand and she got up. Period! A new beginning for her. Her ending was changed from that point on. I always wondered what she went on to accomplish for the kingdom of God. Go do something for someone else today because of what He has done for you. You walk in the authority of your Father, the Creator of the Universe. There’s no ending for you. Only a new beginning as a new creation, and as the ones who get the last laugh.


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