Worth the Reward


So, 16 seconds ago I was standing at the door of my kids’ room, praying that my youngest would stop wallerin’ his bed and fussin’ so that he didn’t wake up his sister. His sister, in an effort to not mince words (I’ve never been accused of this.) brought me to tears. I’m not sure where the attitude came from, but if I’d had time, I would’ve looked up boarding schools. I literally thought I might crumple to the floor, like the ever-growing pile of dirty laundry, under the weight of raising these children. I made a silent prayer that if they both went to sleep I would write. This is my outlet many times. It’s God, then the keyboard. Maybe they are one and the same for me. Either way, written/typed word has been a friend of mine for years as a means of therapy. It’s also cheaper. (Do you know what they make to tell you to “look inside yourself for the answers”??)

What do we do when the thought of cleaning up the kitchen or picking up toys or cleaning another sticky spill or listening to “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” or “Daddy, daddy, daddy!” brings on an instant headache?

I for one, think about quitting. Yep, that’s what I do. Not read the Word, not get on my knees and pray to the Almighty for strength, not call a “spiritual mother” (I’m still not sure what that last one is, enlighten me if you know please.) I think about what it would look like to quit. Let’s be real here: Shouting the words, “I QUIT!” and taking very large strides out a wide open door sounds preeeeeeeeetty good some days.

Then what? (For those of you parents still visualizing this scenario, back on track. I’m tryin’ to make a point here.) What would we do? We’d get some air, breathe a whole lot, then we’d realize we’d miss out on tons of really amazing blessings. The fight is worth the reward. It’s worth standing your ground (“NO more Gubble Puppies, er Bubble Guppies, tonight!” and prepping for the walls to shake due to screaming fits comes to mind.) to raise good Christian kids who become good Christian adults.

It works on the spiritual side of things too, for those of you who haven’t decided this already. Don’t you get sick of seein’ Bible-believin’ children of God getting sick? Don’t you just wanna quit sometimes? Knowing full well that’s not the plan God has? Why are we sick? Didn’t Jesus die on a cross for us to live the abundant life? The abundant life in my mind means not only 1.) No more cancer, but also 2.) No more colds and flu. In an effort to continue being honest and using unminced (deminced?) words, isn’t it discouraging? Don’t you just get so tired of being so tired? Why can’t we just figure this thing out?

Maybe that’s where trusting God comes in. We decide it’s not our “thing” to figure out. It’s just not for us. We accept what we’re supposed to and rebuke what we’re not and if it doesn’t go away right then and there, well? We accept that it’s part of His plan. Is it that simple? God is not the author of confusion. When’s the last time we grabbed our Bibles and claimed, out loud, what it said in there for all to hear, including the devil himself. When’s the last time we stopped, turned off all our screens, and listened for what God wants to whisper in our ear? When did we last breathe in, being still, and remind ourselves that He is God, our God?
Let’s start small: Take 3 ½ mins right now. Close your eyes and let God know that you know Who’s in control.
Then you can go work on your pile of laundry.


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