My Hero


Christians have a lot of lingo. I had never thought too much about it until I heard someone ask a friend of mine on Facebook, “Who’s the enemy?” I think many times we believers think we’re in some kind of elite club that only the righteous can join. (Ouch!) “Oh, you don’t knooooooow what the abundant life is all about? Well, pity for you.” Yikes! I don’t think this is what God had in mind. We have to make sure that our voice is not only heard, but understood. What if someone had the answer to your medical condition, but in explaining it, they used words you couldn’t comprehend? What if we were filled with God’s love, but didn’t know how to show it? What if we couldn’t be ourselves because we were too busy being who we wanted others to think we were? Let’s take off our masks, put down our martyr costume, and just be real. I used to cuss, drink, smoke, and the list goes on a little longer than I’m comfortable typing out! But God (2 of my fave words ever) changed all that! He took me from a deep dark place of depression and hurt to a place of peace and salvation. He grabbed me up from that dark pit and set me up on a pedestal so I could have conversations with Him! Anytime I want to look back or down from where I came, He lifts my chin up to show me that life is not only no longer a temptation, but it’s beneath me. Maybe that’s where we Christians begin to feel righteous or rather self-righteous. We can’t let that happen because others’ lives depend on it. God places us in certain situations and around specific people for a reason and it’s not to look down our noses at them. We are not too cool for anyone. Jesus is my Hero. I got to thinking how people don’t really use the word “saviour” if you’re not in the church. It’s just not an everyday word. He’s my Hero. He doesn’t have a cap, lasso, power gloves, or a lantern of any kind, but He swooped in and saved me from that horrible darkness nonetheless. He saved me. He can save anyone. We can’t forget that.


About chronicchristian

I am a mother of 2 children who I realized not long ago I can't call "toddlers" anymore, married to the best man in the world for 12 years and chasing after what God wants for my life. I currently deal with some symptoms and have for the past 9 years, that resemble an autoimmune illness. Currently my own body is attacking my thyroid (seems it could find something better to do) and the doctors I've seen are at a loss as to what the plan might be. I believe God has the very best plan and that He is doing something awesome and she who guards her lips guards her life. This blog is good therapy. Maybe not for you, but definitely for me. God is good and I intend to prove it.

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